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Shevy will sell your home in 49 days or he'll pay you $2500. Shevy Akason is a top Orange County realtor and in 2009, 2010, and 2011  the number 1 of 850 agents at Evergreen Realty, the 3rd largest brokerage in Orange County.

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We work with buyers and sellers to pursue their dreams, interests, and real estate goals.

   Real estate is a long time passion of Shevy's. He began investing in real estate soon after graduating from college, investing in properties out side of California that demonstrated positive cash flow using conventional financing. While a lot of investors during this period were unsuccessful, Shevy has a number of cash flow properties, most of them on 15 year fixed loans.

Once the bubble burst in California he shifted his attention back to the area, specifically Orange County where he focuses on working with buyers, sellers, and investors, while also working along side many of his investor clients and investing himself. His focus is helping people navigate through the rough waters of a housing market decline. He has convinced many of his clients to postpone their purchase during the bubble while encouraging those that purchase to use stable financing with conservative metrics.

He is a competitive person; he enjoys many team sports, and the challanges of being an entrepreneur. This competitive spirit helps him to represent you in the sometimes confrontational world of real estate negotiation. There is a balance between pushing so hard that the deal crumbles, and not pushing hard enough to get the most favorable price and terms. He seeks the point of balance where good deals go through and both parties are satisfied with the results.

He is proud of his track record that speaks to how he operates in the world of real estate. He prides himself on giving people a clear picture of the market and helping them to feel comfortable with the biggest decision of their lives. As the team leader of the Ideal Home Brokers division of Evergreen Realty and face of the Irvine Housing Blog in client transactions, Shevy Akason is a top Orange County realtor working with buyers, sellers, and investors to pursue their real estate goals.

Evergreen Realty 9901 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92614 949 769 1599

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